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Mitcham Park Colts U11 vs Halliford - Match report 15 Oct 2017

[15/10, 20:17] Ali: Good Evening All
[15/10, 20:17] Ali: Highlights from today's game
[15/10, 20:19] Ali: 1st Half, Started slow for Mitcham Park, Halliford hit the bar in the first 30 seconds.
[15/10, 20:24] Ali: wake up call for the boys in stripes. It was nip and tuck until some wizardry from the left saw a ball centred and despatch. Halliford soon took advantage of a mix up in the Mitcham Defence and equalised nothing the keeper could have done.
[15/10, 20:26] Ali: the game was nip and tuck until some more excellent football down the left side for Mitcham. another good ball in and another deft finish by the striker. 2-1 Mitcham
[15/10, 20:32] Ali: Halliford's heads did not go down and the found themselves with the ball just outside the box and a shot into the top corner again nothing the goal keeper could do with that. Only a few minutes remained when some great play saw Mitcham get a corner. A goal line scramble saw what looked liked an own goal by a Halliford player but later footage showed it hit a Mitcham Park player on the way in. 3-2 Mitcham at Half time.
[15/10, 20:39] Ali: The second half was more of the same with team playing in Stripes turning the screw. slowly. The engine fired up and you could hear the low purr of the v16. slowly the team moved, first left then right keeping the ball moving a pass here and a pass there and suddenly the goal was gapping open for the fourth to be slam dunked movement from the right was like seeing a cheetah attack its pray.
[15/10, 20:43] Ali: The fifth was composed and calculated. nothing rushed or panicked about it. The move started at the back from left to right finished off by some precise movement in the box by the central midfielder.
[15/10, 20:46] Ali: There time for one more. The was special. It was like the two for one offer you get when buying a Ferrari. determined run from the right back the whole length of the pitch cutting the ball back from the bar line for the other central midfielder to take a touch and slot it passed the stranded keeper. That was his first goal for the club many more to come we hopes.
[15/10, 20:47] Ali: That concludes your match report for today's 6-2 win


Mitcham Park Colts U11 vs Kew Park Rangers Reds U11 - Match report 8 Oct 2017

What a game, 3-2 win,
First half had everything in it. Goals, near misses and mistakes(learning curves). It started as normal Mitcham Park Colts being patient and composed; picking the right moment to go forward.

The first goal came from a corner a great cross and a header to match; creeping passed the goal keeper's out stretched left hand.

The second goal was pure football. If football was lyrics, this goal surely would have won the Griffin Poetry Prize. From the winning of the ball, to the pass to the midfield, the vision to the wide man, who cut back to his preferred right foot to cross into the box for the youngest player on the team who met the ball with such precision; the ball just flew off his laces to nestle in the corner not giving the keeper any chance at all; then a couple of moments not usually associated with the team. Midfield not getting back, defenders out of position and a rare lapse in concentration by the majestic goal keeper. (It does happen to us all). Then another moment where we stopped chasing back ,saw some great football from the opposition. For a split second, I thought it was us attacking but I saw the ball going towards our goal 2-2 at half time.

Second half brought more control and a half so one sided; if it was a boxing match the ref would have stopped the game, except for a couple of moments where our goal keeper made amends for the lapse in the first half.

The game was destined for a draw as the barricades went up by the opposition; they where being bombarded from all angles. The cross bar needs checking for severe damage after one shot crashed into it. The keeper, I think, will need to be checked for concussion the amount of saves he had to make. Then the decisive moment came; 10 mins to go and one man stayed calmest on the pitch to latch onto a loose ball and place it passed the keeper. The home spectators and coaches went into a frenzy of joy.

Well done boys! Keep up the hard work.


Mitcham Park U11 Colts vs Kew Association Leopards U11. 1st Oct 2017.

Game was reversed from away to home.

Hello All, After a weeks break, your match reporter is back.
Nothing to do with the team not turning up last week. So without further a due:

The Match started with the team seaming to have found their swagger again. keeping the ball and passing it about.
A little bit too cautious for my liking.
The break through came when a pass from the right was blocked by a defender and broke in the box for a sweeping finish.
It was one way traffic most of the half. The team defended well. One of the highlights was a crashing shot from the half way line smashing the crossbar. Any harder and we would have had to get another goal out.
The second half saw the opposition attack a little more but the defence was not breached.
A few saves by our goalkeeper one of which in my opinion was world-class.
Once the team got to grips with how to manage the other team, normal service resumed. Two goals in the space of 12 mins or so finished the game off.


Claygate Royals Hares U11s vs Mitcham Park U11 Colts - 17 September 2017

"Hello All, As the two teams came onto the pitch there was a breeze of optimism coming from the team in red and black stripes; the message from the coaching team was to be patient.

The first half, brought a performance of pure maturity. The players played like they were at least 4 years older.

Such was the way the boys held the ball and picked their moments to go forward. 2 nil at half time did not reflect the chances created or the possesion of the ball the team had.

More chances came in the second half and went. The players went back to how they played in the previous week; bombarding the opposition's goal. The pressure told with another two goals.

Another good performance from the Claygate's substitue goalkeeper in the second half ensured the tally of goals did not go into double figures. Only conceeding 2 more goals.

0-4 To Mitcham Park.

That is 8 goals in 2 games and 1 conceeded.

Over and out until next weeks report.



Mayford Athletic Panthers U11s v Mitcham Park U11Colts - Sunday 10 September 2017

Hello Everyone

A very good start to the U11 Colts season.

A shaky start to the match in the first ten minutes where a few players where finding their feet. Going 1 nil down did not help.

Once the boys got their foot on the ball, it was one way traffic or at least that is what it looked like from the side.

After 10 mins of seigeing the walls of their defence with as much fire power you would see in two medevil battering rams, they succumbed twice in 10 mins for us to take a lead at half time 1-2.

The second half looked like we were invited to breakfast, lunch and dinner; the amount of time we were in the opposition half.

Once again in to the breach the boys went and got their reward with another two goals. Spread over 15 mins that went in a blurr due to the pace of the game.

The score was kept low due to a great performance from the goal keeper in the opposite sticks. If it was not for him, it could have seen double figures.

Great performance.

Best Regards Ali