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Halliford Colts Boys U11 vs Mitcham Park U11 Colts - CUP - Match Report

Sorry folks - been away for two weeks, getting some well needed Sun before the winter really sets in. Back and back with a bang from a frosty cold Staines the home ground of Halliford Colts renowned for their passing game.

So here it is, the first half and what a half From the off, the Mitcham boys looked like they meant business; the passing and movement was on another level; the home team did not know what hit them.

I can tell you it was a left and right combination; the movement for the first was fluid like one off those contemporary dancers, the finish bottom corner. The second came within minutes of the first; waves crashing against shore like a battering ram. It took a while for the third, but was it worth the wait - you bet you; it was a lovely ball from the midfield magician to the forward with a touch like a feather composure and finish that the Brazilian Ronaldo would have been proud of; top corner out of the reach off the goal keeper from an angle. 4 and 5 came in a blur first it was a clearance and smash through the keeper and then 5 was a scramble and the coolest head on the pitch just picked his spot.

Half time was on us 0-5 to Mitcham.

The second half started more controlled, keeping the ball and moving and then a mistake and some great work down the right for Halliford and it was 1-5. Concentration levels had dropped and just for a time some of the old nerves crept into the Mitcham team and they had stopped defending. Halliford had the next 7-10 minutes putting pressure on Mitcham but it was only the time they seemed in the game. Composure restored, and soon the passing as well; some great work set the speedy forward on his way; first time as the ball dropped over his shoulder in off the post seemed it was meant.

If any one thought it was not, they were soon think twice as almost identical move the only difference was a touch to steady his aim same result off the post and in 7-1, You thought it was all over - think again! The seas were rough for Halliford as it seemed like wave after wave of attack came chances came and went from all angles. And then touch, control, shot, save rebound, shot another save and bang the eighth went in. There was still time for a few more chances but nothing came off them - Halliford 1 Mitcham 8

If this is what is to come folks you don't want to miss any more games. Come and see for yourself, I could be putting a jinx on it but not even the high priestess Morgana could conjure up a spell to stop this juggernaut from carrying on where it has left off.
See you next week same time I hope.

Ali Esmail
U10 Colts Manager